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Alpine's king cakes

Sweet yeast bread filled with a cinnamon praline strand and a thin layer of cream cheese. Decorated with traditional yellow, purple and green sugar.

Pre-orders are highly recommended, we sell out every year! We bake them daily, starting  Friday March 1,  through Mardi Gras -  Tuesday March 5, 2019

Available single size or double - please pre- order. 

Each King Cake comes with 1 plastic baby, coin and beads. Customer inserts plastic token just before serving, making sure each guest is aware of the hidden toy in the kings cake.

Mardi Gras cupcakes

Which one is your favorite?

Mardi Gras Hurricane; white cupcake with rum custard, orange cream and a cherry on top!

Salted Carmel Cupcakes; white or chocolate cupcakes, dulce de leche filled and caramel cream topped!

Pina colada cupcakes; white cake, rum-coconut custard and pineapple filled, rum-cream topped and coconut garnish!!




Mardi Gras cookies

Choose from our beautiful mask cookies, Woodoo doll cookie or Mardi Gras plaque cookies.

Mardi Gras themed cakes

add a festive Mardi Gras theme to your pre-ordered cake.